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Re: [RC] Re:pacing anglo - Heidi Smith

>So you never know what a "funky gait' will get you. Too bad we'll lost the giated Arabs.

They're not lost--just rare.  And it is the concern over the possibility of the loss of riding traits (the ability to gait being only a minor part of that) that causes some of us to be "preservation breeders."  Too many people conjure up a visual of scaggy stunted horses in the back pasture with three eyes and all their legs coming out of the same hole, with only one name in their pedigrees--when in fact, the goal of real preservation breeding is to maintain the traits and genes within the breed that make good riding horses.  And thank heavens for sports such as endurance, dressage, cutting, jumping, etc. that cause people to WANT horses with those traits--and for the participants in those sports who more and more are learning that they need to seek out breeders who breed for those traits in order to have the best chances of finding those traits.

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