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[RC] AERC Insurance - Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

As a ride manager of many years I've been extremely disappointed in AERC's knee jerk reaction to the both last year's "additionally insured" clause and to this year's "you must use our insurance."  Last year I received a not very nice phone call from the Regional Director threatening to pull the sanctioning from my ride three days before the event for not having provided an additionally insured certificate to the AERC office 30 days before my ride "as the rule requires."  This was by the way the first contact of any kind I received from AERC regarding the issue.  After a thorough investigation on my part 1.) the rule does not state 30 days before the event and 2.) AERC had the certificate in their files three MONTHS before my event, it had just been misfiled.  For those managing rides this is not the type of "support" needed three days before the event. 
Now we have the issue of being forced to use an insurance provider at a higher cost than I've already arranged for.  I also manage both CTR's and Endurance on the same weekend.  If I'm being forced to carry both insurances for the event I'm going to strongly consider not managing both types of rides.  I don't manage the ride to make money, I do it for the perpetuation of the sport.  However, at some time you just have to ask yourself why?  My husband keeps asking me to just write a check to our local riding club for $500 and be done with it.  Why go through the time and aggravation. Additionally if I don't use the insurance program I normally use through our club, the cost to others in our plan go up.  So now not only do I have to pay more, but now other CTR rides in our area costs will increase as well because I'm not using our clubs policy.
Seriously annoying, I don't believe this was very well thought out on the AERC director's part as I was asked about it literally hours before the vote.
It's one thing for AERC to provide this as an option for ride managers who can't find an insurance provider.  It's entirely another to require it.

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