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Re: [RC] [RC] AERC ride insurance - Truman Prevatt

There are probably several companies out there that will cover endurance rides. SERA has its insurance through a large insurance agency out of Nashville and the underwriter is American Bankers Insurance Company. It covers all SERA sanctioned rides with all the additional insurance certificates required. It will cover any ride SERA sanctions in the United States or Canada and SERA has in the past and still does on a limited basis sanction out of region rides.  One of our rides requires 12 additional insurance certificates since it is run entirely on private land. We have been with them for years and they have been very good at covering claims and are very cost competitive. I believe that many of the other regional organizations have insurance coverage. There seems to always have been other companies out there. But some how no one from the AERC bothered to contact us to get the information so a competitive bid process could be used. I am sure the same is true for the other regional organzations.


Things may have changed since I was on the BOD and helped nogotiate the first 
AERC liability insurance policy.  All I know is that at the time, no one would 
touch the business of insuring endurance rides except the one company we went 
with.  Things may have changed.  It is IMPERATIVE that all ride managers have 
access to affordable ride liability insurance, or there will be many of us no 
longer putting on rides.