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[RC] Horse hunt - Sue Brown

I’m on the horse hunt again...and Steve said I need to look seriously at 5 prospects (so I don’t jump on the first horse I see...it’s the salesman in him. <g>)  I’ve heard now of a couple who are very serious contenders based on what I know at this time...must do a bit more searching before I make a decision.  Here is what I’m looking for (and I’m in Wa. so would prefer one from the PNW (incl. Idaho and Montana), western Canada, or west coast area:


I’m partial to CMK and old Crabbet breeding.  I would like one who is started but can still be pretty green.  I will be training and conditioning this one (Aarene already said she won’t give up Billy ;-)) and since it’s going to be my butt in the saddle, I’d like one who is not particularly spooky -- alert, startle in place okay...but no panic attacks landing in the bushes on a regular basis type (or me in the trees -- at least not more than I would expect from a fairly together green horse) -- I’m getting too old. <g>  Almost all of my horses have come to me green (and some of the ones who weren’t, shoulda been ;-)) so I’m pretty comfortable in the green-horse-training role...and I would prefer one with a calm temperament who could be a lead horse (I take students out on trails and have to be in the lead.)  I don’t like, however, to be the first butt in the saddle anymore...like someone else to do that part -- a couple of months worth of work.  It would be *really* nice if it had been raised on a range and/or some trail experience...not a requirement but a bonus.  I would be ecstatic if it had been trained and conditioned slowly, and was ready to do 50s...however I may be getting out of my current budget here. <g>   


Here are my wants...

gelding pref. (mare if exceptional), 6-7+yo, 14.2h-15.2h, good back, legs, and bone enough to carry a HW, big feet, etc., etc. (you know the list. <g>)  I want one who lives to eat!  I would like one who, with the right training and conditioning, should be able to do 100s or multi-days.  A nice low resting PR with quick recoveries, *light on their feet*, long strides, travels straight on well conformed legs, smooth moving (as Julie Suhr pointed out that becomes more important as we get older <g>), not brain-dead, nervous Nellie, or nuts and not hyper, about to come unpeeled personality...and so on....


If you know of a horse who fits my needs, please email me...if you have pics to send at that time, that would be great.  I would like to see a video of the horse moving in all gaits and will pay for postage, etc. if I get to that point.









"Live as you will have wished to have lived when you are dying."

- Christian Furchtegott Gellert, German Poet and Writer


Sue Brown

ARICP Certified Riding Instructor

Recreational Riding and Dressage

Tyee Farm

Marysville, Wa.