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[RC] CA Horses NEED DONATIONS ! - DarkHorseGoddess

The Alta Loma Riding Club is in need of donations, please cross post this request. Thanks, Raven
>>For anyone who missed my first post- the Alta Loma Large Animal Emergency Response team has been working day and night to save horses from the Grand Prix and Old fires since the beginning, often at great risk to themselves. The team works under the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Dept. Currently there are around 200-250 horses (some got to go home today :)) being kept at Ingall's park in Norco that owe their lives to the quick work of the Team. The Emergency Response Team has spent every last penny they have on this rescue effort, and are relying heavily on donations and volunteer effort to enable them to keep up the same level of response while the fires continue to burn.

For anyone that can help, the address to send donations to is:

Alta Loma Riding Club
Emergency Response Team
P.O. Box 116
Alta Loma, CA 91701

Donations are tax deductible (keep your returned check as a receipt) and -all- donations go towards funding the ERT.  If you happen to live in the San Berdo/Riverside area and want to bring material goods, then items such as fly spray, extra halters/leads, vetrap or any other horsey supplies that can be used in emergency rescues/housing will be greatly appreciated. You can email me off list for directions at epona97@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you are in the San Berdo/Riverside area and need to evacuate your animals you'll want to call your local authorities first, but if they are unavailable or not set up to handle large animals then call the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Dept. (Call 411 to get the number - I couldn’t chase down anyone who had it memorized) The Fire Dept. will contact the Alta Loma people for you. Most animal control agencies are not aware that the Alta Loma ERT exists or is an option, so don't get depressed if you're told by local authorities that there isn't anyone who can help!

The Team would like to convey their deepest and most sincere appreciation to anyone who can help. (They were like little kids at Xmas when they heard that there were people online willing to help! *g*)

Thank you!
Amber in Norco