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Re: [RC] [AERC-Members] coordinates for "the edge" - Truman Prevatt

And whle it pains me to admit Sue G is right, by golly I think she is right ;-). It's not just SERA it's MERA, PNER, TERA, GERA, SEDRA, ECTRA, UMECTRA, QSER (see MB I remembered the great job you guys are doing in spite of living in a state that can't keep a governor ;-) ), and all the others I have not mentioned because I can't remember the acronyms. The regional and state organizations are the proper forum for education. I would suggest that the AERC find a way to harness these resources to help promote the education of new AND existing riders (we can all learn) and to promote the formation of reginonal organizations.

When I started this sport I knew how to evalutate my horse for the sport, I knew what a tie up was, I knew how much electrolytes a horse lost in a ride and how to replace them, I knew what the CRI ( called the Ridgeway Trot back then) was and how to use it to evealuate my training, etc.

This was even before I ever did a ride. Did the AERC have anything to do with this - absolutely nothing, zero! In fact I am not even sure I had even heard of the AERC at that time.

I can only speak for SERA but I am sure the other regional and state organizations stand ready to help anyway we can.

So how we going to make this happen?


Susan Garlinghouse wrote:

Much as it pains me to admit it, SERA works really hard at getting
as much education out as they can. Most of the regions do at their annual
conferences too.


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[RC] coordinates for "the edge", Susan Garlinghouse