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[RC] Ft. Valley-What a Race - goearth

Hello,  Being the Mentor to Paulita (her Daddy Paul wanted a boy), and giving her old Endurance News for reading and a few tips, we thought it time to take her to the Ft. Valley and crew and see what the world looks like when shooting stars still sparkle on the early morning frost of  a most glorious fall day.  Does that make her my Mentee?  We crew for Jeannie Waldron along with Garnet from Nova Scotia and Twyla and she gets a good feeling about what all Endurance entails...  35 or so entrants and at Hickory Lane 2 miles from the finish Jeannie has a one minute lead on Danielle Kanavy.  Scooting to the finish we see Jeannie coming over the hill with Danielle hot on her heels and they get into a flat out race...  I've never seen anything quite like it except at the track and thats where Danielles, In the Cards came from.  Nobody knew who won til Henry replayed the video and Jeannie got Danielle by a nose.  If it had been 5' further Danielle would have won.  What a RACE!!!  The still of this will be the cover of a major publication some day and you won't believe the scene.  It was incredible.  Paulita got a good taste and she'll be back.  Tomorrow I get to crew for Lynne Gilbert and Chagall, but Paulita has had enough for a while, as her mouth is full and she has a lot to swallow, her head is spinning and did I mention she's a blonde and we made jokes and had FUN.  I heard there are only about 6 in the 2 day 100 and not only is there a lack of Multi Day Rides in the east, there seems to be a lack of Riders aspiring for this challenge, but thats another story.  tom sites