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RE: [RC] automatic sanctions - Bob Morris

In past years there was a fairly well known mathematician from Denmark by the name of Piet Hein, He was known for things like the "Perfect egg" and for his short comments called "grooks". The one grook that has stuck with me all these years goes like
This is how some riders work with their horses and exactly why we are having this discussion.
You will note: Piet did not give you an exact period of time, in finite numbers to cook the toast, as each piece of bread is different. He gives you a point of measure, the burning, and then advises a slightly less period of cooking.
One of life's undeterminable factors.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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Take a deep breath and a long slow exhale and then go read the post again. I know Terre was a bit sensationalistic in her post. It's getting to be winter up in the great frozen north and that effects the brain a bit.   First it only covers metabolic failure - last time I checked falling off a cliff was not a metabolic failure. There are provisions that cover the type of thing that happened to Teddy Bear(previous worm damage I believe it was).  There are sufficient safe guards in there (Terre made sure of that - I wanted to settle it the good old Southern way, take 'em out all back and shoot them but she would not let me  :-) .

What you are saying is we can't hold people accountable for the fate of their horse - no matter what. This boils down to the simple matter of accountability - either people are accountable for the fate of their horses or they are not. After all the AERC bylaws state that a person is responsible for the welfare of their horse. Wouldn't it be nice if that statement had some teeth to it.


rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:
        So:  if a horse dies at the ride for metabolic reasons, or 
at a 
clinic after referral from a ride--automatic 1 year suspension. 

I just don't care for it. I think about the horses that fell down the
bluff at Tevis. I think of Julie Suhr losing a horse she paced carefully.
I think of Teddy Bear rupturing a weak aorta or whatever it was. If
something like that happened to a fine endurance rider I would think it
would be important for them to get back out there as soon as possible or
we might lose them. 



Re: [RC] automatic sanctions, Truman Prevatt