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Re: [RC] automatic sanctions - Truman Prevatt


Take a deep breath and a long slow exhale and then go read the post again. I know Terre was a bit sensationalistic in her post. It's getting to be winter up in the great frozen north and that effects the brain a bit.   First it only covers metabolic failure - last time I checked falling off a cliff was not a metabolic failure. There are provisions that cover the type of thing that happened to Teddy Bear(previous worm damage I believe it was).  There are sufficient safe guards in there (Terre made sure of that - I wanted to settle it the good old Southern way, take 'em out all back and shoot them but she would not let me  :-) .

What you are saying is we can't hold people accountable for the fate of their horse - no matter what. This boils down to the simple matter of accountability - either people are accountable for the fate of their horses or they are not. After all the AERC bylaws state that a person is responsible for the welfare of their horse. Wouldn't it be nice if that statement had some teeth to it.


rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:
        So:  if a horse dies at the ride for metabolic reasons, or 
at a 
clinic after referral from a ride--automatic 1 year suspension. 

I just don't care for it. I think about the horses that fell down the
bluff at Tevis. I think of Julie Suhr losing a horse she paced carefully.
I think of Teddy Bear rupturing a weak aorta or whatever it was. If
something like that happened to a fine endurance rider I would think it
would be important for them to get back out there as soon as possible or
we might lose them. 



Re: [RC] automatic sanctions, rides2far