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Re: [RC] the sport? - Joe Long

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 21:53:06 -0400, Truman Prevatt
<tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Don't get me wrong here but the same argument can be made for cock 
fighting or dog fighting. It's not the sport it's the people that are 
participating in the sport.  One needs to take great care that the sport 
has the safe guards that protect the participants. This is especially 
true when the participants are do not have a choice - the horses in an 
endurance ride for example.

What does it say about the sport when the lesser die trying? The sport 
most certainity has a responsibility to the horses involved otherwise if 
it doesn't live up to that responsibility is it any different from other 
sports where animals die - that are now illegal in most of the US?

Not the same thing, Truman.  The objective in cockfighting and dog
fighting is for one combatant to injure or kill the other.  That is
not an objective in endurance riding.  Also, only a tiny percentage of
horses participating in endurance rides die, quite different from dog
fights.  Every horse death in endurance riding is considered to be a
tragedy and an anomaly, something we have been working to prevent for
as long as the AERC has been around.

Although it may sound like it from some of the rhetoric, this isn't an
issue that was just discovered in the past year or two, or that has
been neglected.


Joe Long


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[RC] the sport?, terre
Re: [RC] the sport?, Truman Prevatt