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[RC] Idea!!!! /INfo/Ride armbands - Laurie Durgin

Ok, ignorant Rookie. After reading this thread , I remember the RM at Liberty Run asking who were first timers.Then having a special extra meeting for them. (I was just volunteering but listening in),She gave them lots of good advice and asked them questions and if they had any. She told them "I don't want to see any of you in the top ten".(I know 11 could bad,etc.etc.) but it was something.
So how maybe here is an idea that wouldn't put anyone out too much ,but could be useful to a "Rookie" as to knowing where to turn in need: How about asking for 'volunteer mentors for that ride, who would wear an armband or something , and be open to questions on the trail, during the ride or , to give 'unofficial advice' if they see something. And the Ride managers could ask riders ahead of time or at registration if they would be a "question mentor" so your basic ignoramaces aren't doling out bad advice. The Ride manager, vets, and mentors could be the blue armband"people in the know", so if someone comes and doesn't know who is 'safe' to ask for advice or they are shy, ignornat whatever, you have an easy way for them to get info from people who are willing to give it. Also If an 'armbander" gave advice they may listen better ?This doesn't mean those mentors have to ride with anyone etc., they just are 'good samaritians' and are Identifiabale to the rookies .
If this is too much trouble, I will make the armbands!!!!!!!:) Laurie /Rascal/Honey/cout

(Overriding by experinced riders is beyond this idea, another realm).

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Subject: Re: [RC] what's the point...
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 18:04:05 -0600

"Dr. Frazier told the riders a the Pan Am's that in events such as this one out of 100 horses will die because of the event. Is that acceptable - not to me"

I totally agree, but we must keep the differences between a championship ride, and ordinary ride, and the unique problems of rookie riders separate!

Rookie riders may hurt their horses by ignorance. Education and perhaps special rules (speed, mentors, baby sitters, etc) may help.

Ordinary rides may have horses that have been trailered to long and are dehydrated (at the PAC all of the horses had been there for a week- certainly enough time to recover) Riders may need to be encouraged to stop to allow horses to eat. Perhaps experience levels before longer distances. Perhaps log books and a lot of things I can't think of right now.

FEI champ rides. The riders are experienced, they have coaches. The horses are on site for a long time. The horses have demonstrated that they can go the distance. The riders are going to go very fast. There is a (relatively) a lot of money. Blood testing before and during the ride is possible. Complicated and expensive diagnostics (x-ray and/or ultrasound) could be done before the ride. Special rules (like 52 pulse or extra stop and go stops) would be feasible. Better provision for treatment is possible (the PAC did a good job, but things could be improved)

Let us be very careful that the various types of rides, riders and horses are kept in mind. If to many rookie riders are killing their horses, target them with things that will help that group. If to many ordinary riders and rides have problems, target them. If would class events have real problems, (which I believe they do) target the world class events.

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