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Re: [RC] LDs and trainimng - Lynne Glazer

OK, Mike--

Why don't you discuss that with the rest of the board? Yes, if it's a training ride, go all the way. AND treat it like the 50s, there are winners who also include those who come across the finish line faster than others.

Currently RMs submit LD results however they want to. For instance, when the ride managers submit them in alphabetical order, the finish placement is not right.

Example: Hog Wild (PS) at least in the first two years, all I checked.

I don't see placings in your example, unless you want to assume that the list has been submitted in placement order. My rides are always submitted in placement order, and they have been published that way.

It doesn't have to matter in the traditional "I beat so-and-so by an hour!" sense, but rather "hmmm, that guy just blazed from the start, and I must've passed him by doing better in the vet check, or by pacing better over all". Training! Education!

I still feel we ought to encourage use of LD as training, and de-emphasize its use as a racing goal in and of itself. We experimented with that concept at my last ride by having a training division and an open division in LD, the training division was eligible for 5 high vet score awards and the whole field was considered, the open division could compete for 1st place and AERC-style BC. Each division was numbered differently so that the vets and volunteers and riders knew who was who. Each rider placed themselves in the division of choice.

We'll probably try that again in 2004, albeit with better finish line mgmt.


On Tuesday, October 21, 2003, at 08:36 AM, Michael Maul wrote:

In response to:
"Because with one hand AERC says "it's a race" by only allowing the top ten to show for BC, with full weight and time calculated just like the 50s.

Then "it's not a race" by printing names only without placement or times in EN."

Actually if this is a training ride so that new riders can see what 50s are like and practice for moving up to 50s- it should be like a 50. This includes experience in showing for BC as well as learning to pace your horse on shorter distances.

As far as how the results are published in EN - online has placings for those rides just as is done in the 50s when the RM sends them in.

We have not been listing times but that's easily done. Whenever there are placings - almost all the ride times are in the database.

Placings are always provided in CT and SE Limited Distance rides.



as an example where placings are listed as well as the finishing time for both BC and the winner.


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[RC] LDs and trainimng, Michael Maul