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Re: [RC] what's the point... - Susan Garlinghouse

Susan, I agree wholeheartedly about the stress of travel.  But that said,
blame the travel stress on endurance per se is a stretch.

I'm not blaming it on "endurance" as a whole.  I don't care if the horse was
on his way to a ride, a show, to the dentist's office or a trip to the mall.
From the horse's point of view, "an endurance ride" encompasses the entire
sojourn from the time he got into the trailer until he's home again.  The
stress in *many* cases contributes to a subsequent metabolic incident.  Why
he traveled is irrelevant, but the fact remains that the stress of travel
results in a horse that is NOT the same animal as he is at home.

It is not unique to endurance,

Nobody said it was.  Colics also occur at horse shows, roping events,
transport cross country from one place to another.  It doesn't mean I'm
condemning horse shows because they cause colic.  It means I'm not
pretending that transport didn't contribute to it, nor do I assume that 99%
of those event-related incidents would have occurred anyway had the animal
stayed at home.

But to specifically "blame" the sport because the horse colicks due to
travel stress is not really logical.

I guess we have widely differing definitions of logical.  And again...I am
not "blaming" the sport.  I'm observing that the event starts before an
announcement that the trail is open.

Susan Garlinghouse DVM


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