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[RC] what's the point... - John & Sue Greenall

Be careful in making judgements when one does not know all of 
the facts. 

Throwing water on the horse in Vermont did not cause her death.  
The water was air temp and the horse had a temerature of 106 
degrees and a knowledgable vet was in attendence  Unfortunately, 
her circulatory system had pretty much shut down so any attempt 
to cool her was in vain.
 BTW, the rider DID stop and rest the horse and walked her 3 
miles into the hold.

Bob wrote:
"Until we can get the vets to so indicate that death is
attributable to the competition we will be shouting in the wind"

Vets (and rides) are getting sued for these deaths (don't get me 
started on that one) so we may never see those words uttered.  
And do we really WANT to open that can of worms, rather we 
should recognize what COULD happen to our sport and try to fix it.

"The fact that you know your horse's
capabilities is incidental, they need the stop so the vet
can tell them what is going on with their horse. So, you
have to stop also, even though you know fully what the
condition of your horse is.
It is not fair that you might do better than the rest, so
the "leveling of the playing field" is cried out. 

Oh come on...AERC has plenty of "rules" that were put into effect 
to protect the horse so what does this have to do with "leveling the 
playing field".  Having more holds actually FAVORS the fit horse 
because they pulse through faster.  
John and Sue Greenall


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