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Re: [RC] what's the point... - Sisu West Ranch

"Trust me, when a vibrant, healthy, well conditioned horse gets into metabolic trouble at a ride, especially if it has to be put on IV or dies, it is endurance related. "
Howard I respectfully disagree with this statement.  I almost lost Ranger to a colic at a ride two years ago.  The circumstances were:
1. He was conditioned in the spring just as he had been every spring.
2. He had almost 1000 miles on him
3. The weather was ideal.
4. Because I don't push in the spring I was going slowly with a group of friends.
5. He was well hydrated before the ride.
6. He had eaten and drank well at the first two vet checks.
7. He had grazed (but not drank) on the last 12 mile loop.
8. The trail was flat.
9. He came in drank 4 Gal of water.  Passed the vet check fine.  He was alert. Gut sounds B (not unusual for this vet and horse combination)
10. 10 minutes later he exhibited mild colic.  I pulled him, and consulted the vets.
11. 5 hours later after 20 l of fluid we took him to a vet hospital.
12. The next day he was much better.
13. I talked to the 3 ride vets, and another vet later.  No one can to this day figure out what could have been done to prevent this serious colic. 
If you have a suggestion, I am all ears.  this incident was endurance related, but only in the sense that it happened at a ride.  That same year Wendy had a pregnant mare die one day in the pasture.  I personally feel that this death was about as endurance related as Ranger's problems.  (the endurance connection was that the foal was going to be a world class endurance horse.)
Ed and Wendy Hauser
Sisu West
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
(406) 642-9640

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