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[RC] This world - E.L. Ashbach

Hi Ed,

Great, then let's do away with LD, cuz' that was the original endurance idea about how to do an intro, and not everyone starting out gets the message that it's a good idea to start slow and build up, no matter what distance you ride.  But wait,  LD rider fees are at least 1/2 the AERC revenue from rides?  Hmmm, how to handle beginners then, because the creation of LD wasn't the only answer?  

I'm guessin' that you love to see a good LD "race" with a bunch of new horses cruisin' in, then?

A question I would ask you is this:  Why must endurance riders rely on CTR to be sensible in the area of new horses and riders?  Are we too freedom-loving and well-intentioned to be bothered with common sense limits? ;-)  That sounds pretty silly to me.  A Rookie Rule would not unreasonably restrict a darn thing and maybe could exist in the realm of *our attempt to do things we can right now to address the multifarious issue of horse health* in our sport.   That sure would be positive in my view.

We have got to live in *this world*, where bad things that happen (like horse deaths, or even horse over-riding and treatment) can be made to look like they were intentional and brutal.  We should definitely be doing our *best* to address *discreet* populations in endurance we can assist.


Sisu West Ranch wrote:
"Probably not, but a ban on "riding too fast" for Rookie Horses and Riders would certainly have to do with safety."
Of course, I was just pointing out a very poor analagy.  Those following my posts know that I have consistantly advocated 25 mile CTR"s (gasp!) as the ideal way to start riders and horses.

ps. That doesn't mean I want this to be an enforced rule.
Ed and Wendy Hauser
Sisu West
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
(406) 642-9640

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