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[RC] Size of horse at AERC nat'l champ - saioak

In reply to Angie rides2far    Re: Mommesin 
O.K. I feel like saying...let's start over at the beginning. :-) It's the
reporter in me. You started off telling us her pedigree etc. Could you
instead tell her story from the beginning
Could you instead tell her story from the beginning?
Mommesin is of linebred Russian Arabian lineage and therefore her pedigree  “is”  the beginning of the story.
One of the most consistently inherited attributes of a horse’s genetic makeup is a predisposition for athletic ability i.e.; speed, stamina, and endurance. At the Tersk Stud in Russia all horses “accepted” into the Stud Books had outstanding Race and or 3-Day Event records.
A Government program, funded by the State their breeding program did not have the economic constraints that would make linebreeding unfeasible for most. Successful linebreeding demands that ruthless culling measures be enforced in order to maintain desired genetic traits and characteristics. Meticulously tested, measured and graded; Arabian horses having less than exceptional conformation, extreme athletic ability or found to be mentally unfit for competition (nervous ect.) were selected out and sent to the meat markets in France. Freed from economic restraints they were able to develop an intensely linebred herd producing individuals who consistently possess extreme athletic ability.
To continue :The Rest of the Story :  Your question brought to mind something that I’d long forgotten. When Mommesin was not quite two years old she was a very tough, strong willed filly who, if turned out in a field, could take hours to catch. Having more than twenty 2 year olds I was fed up with her “Attitude” and donated her to WA State University for their Annual Fundraiser. The Veterinary students earned credit gentling, grooming and preparing these horses for Auction.
The day after the Auction I called to find out who purchased her and where she would be going. There was a long pause on the end of the line and then he told me they could never catch her she was out in a field.  They agreed to sell her back to me. When I arrived she was happy to see me and was easily caught. Having regretted my earlier decision to donate her I was Happy to have her back.  :)
Things I'm curious about:  How many years did she race?
She competed at the Los Alamitos Race Track as a four year old and raced for three years 1993 –1995. What was her (Race) record? 15(1-3-4-3)  A solid record when you consider she was lightly raced. As a Public Trainer it was my policy “not” to run my own horses against my client horses if at all possible less it be perceived as a conflict of interest.
Mommesin was always dead fit but not often “Race Ready” (a horse that has run within two/three weeks of a given race are considered “Race Ready”). To the Betters this is an important factor on whether or not they will bet on any given horse to “Win” (place? maybe, win? doubtful). 
Mommesin had one win and placed ten times in fifteen races. Noting Staccata’s achievements at Delaware Park I have found myself wishing I had raced only the “Get” of my Russian stallion *FA Staccato versus those of my Clients. However, many of my Clients have become lasting friends, enriching my life in so many ways that I would never “Wish” them away. Such is the Ying and the Yang of life.
Is Alyx riding her for you or does she own her?
Alyx and I own Mommesin and Stacctinacity in Partnership. 
You are in Fla. But she seems to be getting your horses in NM.  Are you racing them there are these horses you've sold in the past?
Alyx and her parents live in Las Cruces, NM (not far from Randy Eiland in El Paso Texas).  I live in Florida and have not raced since 1996. Thinking I would race at Tampa Bay Downs all eligible horses were kept race fit for another two years.
With the ensuing disagreement between the Arabian Horse Registry and the World Arabian Horse Association, sales of Arabian Racehorses worldwide slowed to a trickle. I began selling the horses to Endurance competitors. It was financially crippling at the time and I still feel the affects but for the horses it is a much better life. They are with people who give them a lot of attention and in the long run I have no regrets..... Having earned $100K in Racing this past year I do regret not retaining at least half of Staccata though. She runs this weekend in the Gladys Brown Edwards . will be watching from Satellite at OBS ... She will race against the very best Fillys/Mares all are formidable opponents this will be a very tough race.
I love looking up the records...but I am well aware they don't tell the
whole story. Nevertheless, the records are a great

place to start.
 ......... I agree. ... The answer to your next questions ....... Continue in this thread.
Bev Scott    Ocala, FL