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[RC] Trail riding help - Jonni Jewell

The swelling in the legs is telling you the legs are stressed !! What I did
not see noted is how LONG are you riding him on the trail. I bet it is much
longer than when you work him at home. And it is not always the distance,
but how long his legs are holding up the weight of a rider. Collection,
flexing, and the level of where he carries his head has nothing to do with
the leg stress. It may effect his back being sore, but again, how LONG is
his back holding the weight of a rider out on the trail.

His body is sending you messages....you just need to listen to them, and
back off some, until you find he is not showing stress with pain and
swelling. If he continues to show the stress of work, then maybe he needs
turned back out to just grow and mature some more. But I have a feeling that
is not going to happen......

Honestly he's not getting worked hard on the trails at all.  He gets
worked a whole lot harder at home, but it's a lot more flexing and bending
too, learning to do straight lines and circles, leg yielding etc.  I know he
uses himself totally different on the trails then when he works at home.
Perhaps instead of letting him relax out so much I should keep him more
collected???  Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if I'm muscling him up and
training him with his head more level and flexed at the poll.  Him going out
on the trails with his head more in the air and unflexed is using a totally
different set of muscles right?  Especially through the back area? <<<


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