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Re: FW: [RC] Michel Bloch & Monsieur Joseph - Truman Prevatt

Holy fixed race Batman, the boys in Vegas who will allow bets on any and all sports events sure the heck aren't going to like to hear the Tevis was fixed:-). Hope no one dropped a bundle and is pissed.

I suspect for whatever reason this happens quite a bit. Stagg Newman slowed down at the Biltmore this year to allow as many riders as possible to finish within the time window alloted so they could punch their FEI ticket. Of course since Stagg was way ahead at that point he got to save his horse so it worked well for all involved.

But the boys in Vagas sure the hell aren't going to like to hear that endurance races are decided between the riders.


PS: Of course we are never going to know if he could have turned up the heat on her, caused a mistake and walked away with the gold.:-). That's the trouble with fixed races - no one gets (or deserves) bragging rights.

PPS: This is from the state that has out done FL elections (yes it can be done), CA just did it with a new political. mantra, "Win one for the Groper."

PPPS: Sorry guys couldn't resist - thanks for taking us off the hook.

Gary Daniels wrote:



DBL Realtors


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From: Gary Daniels [mailto:gdaniels@xxxxxxx]
Monday, October 13, 2003 1:10 PM
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Subject: RE: [RC] Michel Bloch & Monsieur Joseph


Wait a minute – you are right to some extent.  First off, Heather did indeed earn it.  I my opinion, had they raced, Heather’s horse looked fresher and looked like it “could have” outrun Michel’s, providing heather’s horse would not all of the sudden cramped up, slid on a rock, or anything else for that matter.  I’m not taking anything away from Heather.  The fact remains, however, that Heather and Michel rode together most of the time since Robinson Flats and supported one another.  Towards the end right after they crossed the No-Hands Bridge and rode past me, they both had already agreed to let Heather cross the finish line first.  Nobody is making this up.  It was an agreement well before the finish line.  So, I’m sorry that you disagree, but I was there – I crewed for Michel, and I was standing on the trail when Michel agreed six miles before the finish to cross the finish line behind Heather.  Heather was right there.  Hey, I’m not knocking it.  I thought it was a wonderful thing for Michel to realize that he would not have done his horse any justice by trying to race Heather.  Again, her horse looked fabulous and they had an agreement not to foolishly race.  In Michel’s words, he felt gracious for having had the opportunity to ride with Heather for as long as he did.  Yes, they agreed to cross as they did.  Sorry.

FW: [RC] Michel Bloch & Monsieur Joseph, Gary Daniels