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Re: [RC] Most Coveted Award - k s swigart

Since it's very difficult for anyone in the East to even
think about
Pioneer awards (unless they are retired with infinite
money), then
that's not even on the list.

I consider the Perfect Ten Award* (and most of the others on
my list above....note that I have never even come close to
even any of those) to be virtually out of my reach, but that
doesn't mean that I don't covet them.

Here I always thought that the things that are most
treasured are SUPPOSED to be extremely difficult to attain.

Although I guess I can understand the sentiment slightly.
Since I am neither married, nor do I have children (nor am I
the dependent child of other endurance riders), both the
Husband & Wife Team Award and the Family Award are
completely out of my reach and therefore didn't make my

However, the reason that the Perfect Ten Award tops my list
is not because I think I have any reasonable chance of ever
winning it (although it is probably in closer reach than the
National Hundred Mile Award), but rather because if I have
this as my ultimate goal and am able to remind myself that
such is the case when I am "in the heat of competition" at a
ride, it is the most likely to keep me from doing something
stupid with/to my horse.

*For those of you who don't know what the Perfect Ten award

"Perfect Ten (Equine Only): New for 1997, created and
sponsored by Joe Long, past president, former SE director,
and member of the Hall of Fame. Must have completed 10
years, 10,000 miles, 10 top ten finishes and 10 best

And since this accomplishment (before it was an award) was
first achieved by Joe Long with Kahill when he was riding in
the SE and before he retired, it obviously isn't out of
reach for somebody not on the west coast.

It is an award that is won not by being deemed ahead of the
other participants for the day, nor for being deemed ahead
of the other participants for the year but rather for having
successfully managed the horse over its entire career.

I will continue to manage all my endurance horses as if that
were the ultimate goal in mind, continue to sacrifice any
other award I might be in contention for on any particular
day or in any particular year if I think pursuing the
"lesser" award (even the National 100 mile Award) might
jeopardize the chances of my horse ever winning the Perfect

Am I aware that I probably don't have the time, the money,
or the horse to be able to actually achieve it?  Yeah.  But
I will still pursue it, mostly because I consider it the
most laudable journey, even if the ultimate goal is never

Orange County, Calif.


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Re: [RC] Most Coveted Award, Truman Prevatt