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Re: [RC] Crooked riding - Jim Holland

rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:

I need some suggestions for helping my daughter ride better.   I
even sweat pattern EXCEPT> round dry spot on the left wither.  Looks
to me like she's putting > more
weight on the right foot than the left.

 It sometimes helps
for me to hold my reins in both hands instead of one. If she can be
conscious of that left side closing up on her and lower that hip it may
help. If anyone else has any advice for *me* in this area I welcome it!


The "Centered Riding" books identify the problem, but are not "distance"
oriented....and I found the "suggestions", while probably appropriate
for practicing in a ring or arena, didn't really help me much.

When I first started riding distance, it seemed that my right food would
always "go to sleep" and I seemed to be riding with more weight on the
right. After fiddling around with why it occurred and looking for ways
to "fix" it, I discovered that, being strongly right handed, I always
held the reins loosely in my right hand during all that LSD trotting on
a loose rein. When going up hills, I tended to "grab mane" with my left
hand. This created a twist in my upper body, resulting in more weight on
my right foot. Over time, it also affected the strength of my leg and
back muscles, making it harder to correct. Over time, I have trained
myself to ride with both hands as Angie suggested, and/or to alternate
my "rein hand" and to use BOTH hands on the mane when climbing....but I
still have lapses when I don't concentrate, especially when tired. It's
kind of a subtle thing that sneaks up on you. Here's the thing that
helped me most:

Teach your horse to sidepass while stopped and practice it often. If you
are "leaning", you will find that it's harder to sidepass one way than
the other. Then, anytime you're riding on a road that's wide enough,
move your horse from one side of the road to the other using only leg
pressure and weight shifts while holding a rein in each hand in your
lap.  Steer around mud puddles nand rocks or any other thing on the
ground. This "exercise" will make you concentrate. When you can do it
comfortably with the same amount of pressure/weight shifts from either
side, you're riding centered. As an added benefit of teaching this to
your horse and practicing it constantly, you will be amazed at how fast
you can negotiate single track thru the trees...just like riding a
bicycle and no more knee knocks! <grin>

Jim, Sun of Dimanche+, and Mahada Magic


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[RC] Crooked riding, rides2far