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Re: [RC] AW: Conditioning Miss Gedebe - Nik Isahak Abdullah

Hi Hilga,
I was just perusing thru the race data of the recent Punchestown Open European Chapionship and come across the following interesting facts:
1.Thegood Sheikh Mohamad Senior has a dutiful son in Sheikh Hamdan who could have won the race by a good 12 minutes on his diminutive horse Gemini but Sheikh junior must have put on the break on Gemini to wait for his father on the more well known Provocative.
2.Gemini is a horse nobody in France wanted.A "bad"looking horse which my colleague Dato Kamaruddin bought 2 years back and "won" in Helguat France in 2001. I say " won" because this colleague of mine gave the race to his French colleague who was riding ,I think ,provocative that time for Sheikh Makotum that time.For that act of diplomacy Gemini was finally sold to the Sheikh later.Now it seem this is the horse to beat in any endurance world event!
3.Sheikh Hamdan who I consider the actual winner of the European Open is an excellent rider. He pace well,going at 15+kph throughout the whole race except at the last phase when he actually put the bracks on for his dad.Gemini's recovery was phenomenal i.e at less than 2 minutes at each phase!Compare this with Valary Kanavy's Shahdan who even took 8 minutes to recover and her need to speed thing up in each phase up to 16 to 17 kph at time , I would say the young Sheikh would be very difficult to beat in many many more years ahead.In Gemini,a bad looking horse that no one in France wants,he has an excellent campaigner and in himself,you have a very matured rider more advance than his age!The WEG was certainly no
fluke as some of the people in ridecamp noted!


From: "Hilga Hoefkens" <hilga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "'Nik Isahak Abdullah'" <drnikisahak@xxxxxxxxxxx>, <steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: AW: Conditioning Miss Gedebe
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 11:05:52 +0200

Hi Nik,
this is a tricky question as I do not know your horse, her conditioning
up to now, her special problems, her background, and after all I have
not been to Dubai (so far ;-) and don´t know about the race conditions

As I see it your first hurdle is the qualification. You need her to
complete a 100 miler, and I would not wait too long before trying that.
Don´t wait for the one that might be organised in My, as it well might
be cancelled again, and then what would you do? You can´t be sure it´ll
work out at first try. Would be a pitty if she could not make it for any
minor reason and you would not have the time for another try.
Good about that: You see how she handles a 100m and as you obviously
have to ship her out of country for that, you´ll learn about her coping
with long time transport too.
Preparing for that and for Dubai I am sure you already condition her
throughout having laid down lsd and being advanced to interval and
competition specific work. So maybe now it´s the time to look for her
"holes" and work on them.
As I understand you don´t have to worry about season and weather in
respect to training, footing and winter coat. Still I would adwise not
to keep her in prime condition all the time, but doing ups and downs,
giving her hard training and extended holidays over the year. But then
maybe we get too much used to this schedule due to climate changes over
the year.
So all I can do to that respect is, tell you my plans:
Start early into next season and get my "have to do`s" done nicely to
qualify. Give her a break after that and bring her back to hard training
2 months prior to Dubai if we get selected. My "have to do´s" are CEI
**** la Burgue in April, CEI** in Aachen as testride for next years
German Champs and WC in 2006, German Champ in late July or early August.
I´ll try to fill that up with other rides, to a competition every 4 to 6
weeks between April and August. We will see how the dates will come
My and Paminas "holes" are: We have a hard time turning her fitness into
speed at rides as she gets screwed up mentally if I go fast. So I need
to get her used to staying calm with more speed and I´ll try to go for
tougher races where she can roll up the field from behind in the second
half, as everybody else gets tired (in that respect maybe Dubay will not
be "my race" anyway). That´s much better than finishing in the middle of
the pack with a near runaway over the finishline. My hole: I have to
shorten the recovery times in gates. That needs some more slowing down
before we get there (ahem, see above for being screwed up), more
aggressive cooling most times (weathers), a little more daring and
gambling, going for intime with her pulse still above 60. At the moment
I go in at 60 or lower, and the she´ll have 56 or 52 as we are there.
That´s a waste of time.

All these things may or may not apply to you, but my point is: you´ll
only see these things as you compete your horse, so go for it. Don´t
wait for the big day and find out then.

BTW, if anybody (Steph?) has any ideas or comments about my plans,
please let me know. I am still a relative beginner, only doing Endurance
since 98 and so far only on one horse.

Best regards and happy trails


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