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Re: [RC] question regarding sick horses - Tiffany D'Virgilio

Title: Re: [RC]   question regarding sick horses
on 1/24/03 7:47 AM, Trailrite@xxxxxxx at Trailrite@xxxxxxx wrote:

My Horse Katie Bar The Door is right now as I write this. in Alamo Pintado Clinic for an unknown sickness.  She has been off feed and laying down since last Friday.  All blood tests, belly x-rays & ultrasounds, belly taps, urine samples come back normal.  No fever, no lung sounds, fecal samples negitive, nothing....I'm worried sick!  Katie has been in the clinic for three days now and has 3-4 vets looking into this...so far they don't know whats going on.  Katie was just weaned from her twin babies about a month ago but she didn't seem worried about it and is within very close range of them.  We weaned the colt first then a month later weaned the filly.  That is the only change Katie has had that might be of some sort of clue.  The vets are going to check her for ulcers today and see if that might be it.  But they are running out of things to test and Katie is still the same.  If anyone has a ny ideas I can suggest to the vets please write me.

This is about the fourth outbreak I have heard of in the past 10 days in SoCal. Should we start thinking about keeping a horse home from a ride so that he won't get sick? Am I overreacting or is this something we should start being concerned about in terms of keeping the horse away from big groups like that?

Re: [RC] question regarding sick horses, Trailrite