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Re: AW: [RC] Jockeys (was Riding Cavalry) - SandyDSA

How about at any level?:) There is such a lack of true horsemastership in all disciplines today as compared to say, 20-25 years ago (HATE to date myself!). In the show ring, one need not be accomplsihed or masterful, one only need have the right LOOK and the right CLOTHES and even the right TRAINER. I hate to see that attitude extend to a true sport at any level. True horsemastership is reflected in quality riding, management, independence, and even eventually being capable of choosing, training and riding one's own prospects. As I said before, anyone with a fat wallet can go buy a top notch candidate, and of course ride resluts are an easy benchmark - but send those dudes out here and let's see how they can choose from a bunch of weanlings or yearlings - or even untrained 4 year olds. I see my own daughter taking a young horse that we chose as a 3 year old and bringing her along in a way that may very well have her prepp ed for the Championships in 2003 - her FIRST season out! While I do have issues :) with my VERY teenaged daughter at times, I am incredibly proud of her ability, savvy and dedication to learning. She clearly is exemplifying what horsemastership means. Perhaps our acclaim and accolades should be reserved not for the winners of the big races as it were, but for those who worked the hardest, came the furthest and actually mastered the art of Horsemanship.

In endurance at the upper levels, I'd like to see HORSEMEN. I don't want to
see jockeys, at any level of endurance racing, no matter how talented or
athletic they are.