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[RC] So, why don't you do 100's? - Charles

OK, I'm going to jump in (yes, I know I'm new, I haven't ridden, I've only
crewed and taken pictures, etc. etc. etc.).

1) Has the age of riders increased?  I know from skiing, when I was young I
thought my father was crazy for sticking to the blue square trails and doing
an occasional black diamond.  I wanted to spend all my time on the tough
trails.  Now that I'm older, I find the tough trails take too much out of me
and jumping isn't anywhere near as much fun as it once was (besides I don't
get good air on my snowboard).

2) Has anyone asked the 50's people why they don't move up to 100's?  Is
there a perception that it's too tough, or too long, or inconvenient?

3) Could it be that (I got this thought while writing the paragraph below)
that people don't want or can't put in the time to train a horse for a 100?

I doubt that I will ever do a 100, but only because I'm out of shape, and I
don't have a horse that will (let alone can) carry me for that far.  My goal
right now is simpler, and that is to enter and complete an LD before the end
of 2003.  Then again, I may wait till winter 2005 (I'm reading on training,
and LSD sure is long.)

Those who know me and know of my horse tell me that I've picked a big
project for sure.

PS: I haven't forgotten about the CD's.  I just keep forgetting to get
mailers.  I will complete it by the end of the week.
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From: "Barbara McCrary" <bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: "RIDECAMP" <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2003 12:36 PM
Subject: Fw: [RC] humbled

I think multi-day rides ARE a big contributor to the decline in interest
100 milers.  Perhaps people haven't the time to spend conditioning
for 100s?  Perhaps people prefer a little more body comfort than riding
milers allows?  It was tough when I was younger; I'm not sure I'm
in beating myself up that much any more.  I'm not sure what is the
or combination of reasons.  I certainly would like to see more
our 100 ride that we manage.  We love to manage it anyway, but a greater
attendance would be gratifying.

Barbara McCrary
Ride manager, Swanton Pacific 75/100

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Fw: [RC] humbled, Barbara McCrary