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Re: [RC] So, why don't you do 100's? - Truman Prevatt

Plus if you get too much air and land a wee bit wrong - it hurts like hell:-).

I've been around for awhile but not as long as many so I have one foot in the olden days but not blinded by them. Let me take a crack at this question. There are a lot of reasons 100's have declined. And despite all the folks that are just getting into the sport spouting that they are the great hope for the 100's, I sincerely doubt that many will do a 100.

The 100 is a commitment. Everything has to work right and in toady's world as Becky pointed out, it tough for that to happen. When I started the sport there was a reason to do 100's. There was a reason to have the goal - it was called the ROC. It gave the average rider on the average horse, the Trumans on Mistys, the Angies on Kabots ( sorry Kabot I know you are way above average :-) ) incentive to do the 100. That's gone.

I had always thought about a 100, and one day after we finished second in a 50, I said to myself this mare can do it and 6 weeks later we did. Then we dreamed of just maybe we were good enough to qualify for the ROC and we did. The process of getting there was the reason we kept doing 100's.

Without a reason and a goal, I'm not sure how much fun they really are. The west coast has the Tevis, we have the OD in the east but the OD is down and I suspect some years down the road the Tevis will suffer the same fate. I sure hate to be pessimistic but I see nothing out there to turn this decline around. I don't see a major reason for doing 100's lurking around the corner waiting to spring upon us.

I sure hope I am wrong, but the trend is pretty clear and unless something drastic happens it will most likely continue.

Can the multidays replace the 100 - not in my book, but that's one person's opinion so take it for what it might be worth.


Charles wrote:

OK, I'm going to jump in (yes, I know I'm new, I haven't ridden, I've only
crewed and taken pictures, etc. etc. etc.).

1) Has the age of riders increased? I know from skiing, when I was young I
thought my father was crazy for sticking to the blue square trails and doing
an occasional black diamond. I wanted to spend all my time on the tough
trails. Now that I'm older, I find the tough trails take too much out of me
and jumping isn't anywhere near as much fun as it once was (besides I don't
get good air on my snowboard).

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Fw: [RC] humbled, Barbara McCrary
[RC] So, why don't you do 100's?, Charles