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[RC] Tools and Toys - Roger Rittenhouse

I did this once a year ago, but I some new 'stuff' that is real nice
and low cost. AND NO I do NOT sell most of this stuff..

GPS - Look at the ad in EN and TB this month. TIMEX has a very cool
unit. I really like this and will get one. I checked ebay and you can
get one for about $150.

LOW COST Pedometer. Radio Shack has a great electronic one. Set to
your horses stride length at a trot and clip on the breast collar.
Cost $29- I think -- I do use one. Works as good as a GPS and works
great when the GPS is dead- out of sat sight..

IR HAND HELD TEMP SCANNER. Radio Shack has a very low cost unit $40 or so.
Works good enough for what I need it for. If you want better and higher
tech see Steve Elliott at EPP.  MY first one cost $200  prices have
come down. I have a write up on my web site.

LED FLASH LIGHTS  all types out there-  NO GLARE-  the larger ones have a
good range. Very useful for tacking up in the am, checking your watch
or hrm in the dark and finding ribbons without blinding the horse. I
have a small key chain unit and larger 6 LED unit. Check online and at
walmart and those 'special' junk mail catalogs...

FRS RADIO There are getting smaller and LOWER cost. I think it is a good
item to carry on the rides. Your crew would have one and if you get in
trouble it may be able to help. The   GRMS units are a bit
more costly but have a longer range. I see no reason why these should be
illegal, there is a move within AERC to outlaw them -- under a new rule I
suppose.  I see them as a safety issue and of course to let my crew
know I am coming..IF I have a crew.

GLUCOMETERS. I still recommend and use these. There is really a neat new
one out. You load up 15 test tabs in a drum (cost $25) and the unit
ejects a tab for each test, stores the data. These new ones take less
blood to get a reading cost at walmat $50 approx. There is also a move
to make these illegal. NOT counting that it could NOT be
enforced....still a great tool to help with understanding what is going
on inside
I also found a small BLOOD LACTIC  or LACTATE unit. Works same as a
Glucometer. Just a small drop of blood and you can see the lactic acid
levels. No price - made in Denmark I think. That would be interesting?

DIGITAL TALKING TEMP very nice easy to use - it 'says' the temp after a
minute. Cost $20 at walmat..  I think that is legal  :))

UNDER SADDLE TEMP- Radio Shack small temp display with outdoor probe.
Cost $15  DIY - see my web site under TEMPO on the MODELS INDEX page

I saw this low cost HAND HELD RADAR gun for $80 -- ?? wonder if it
would work while riding?? Just a thought hehe :)

Guess this should stir up the troops..?

Roger Rittenhouse
800 655 8629
pictures  http://community.webshots.com/user/psdendurance   

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