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Re: [RC] Decline of entries in 100 milers - Truman Prevatt

Absolutely not. At 80 miles I found the pain was no longer felt. Also I always found my mare had her downer between about 60 and 75 miles. At about 80, she knew she was almost done - and I was also almost done in. At this point she tended to get a second wind and I was too tired and beat up to do much about it. So it was the mare is in charge and pace be damn - it was hers :-).  

There is something about the hundred mile ride that is good for the soul. It can't be duplicated by any number of 50's. It's unique and it can only be found on an out of control horse at 95 miles :-). Too bad we are loseing them.


Deblyons54@xxxxxxx wrote:

I tried a few 100 mile rides when I was in the peak of my endurance riding days and it seemed that after about 80 miles the fun started to decline.

Re: [RC] Decline of entries in 100 milers, Deblyons54