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Re: [RC] men in tights-can't resist - Steven Proe

Hi Folks: Can't resist, I have been riding for many years, in the regimental mode with no significant problems. There is a real benefit also when I go to use the sandbox. No fumbling to get to the plumbing, more ride time. A great asset on Tevis. You learn to post correctly and avoids sloppy riding posture. We won't get into flying lead changes. And it saves a bunch of money.
Bring on the wonderful remarks that I am sure will be at least thought of.
Steven Proe
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Sent: Friday, September 05, 2003 9:47 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] men in tights-can't resist

>ps..I bought some nice riding pants for my husband and he was very comfortable in them.  But some cowboy friend of his at work that only rides in jeans (how uncomfortable) said they were sissy pants.  Well, he likes his sissy pants and still wears them and I'm glad cause he doesn't complain of being uncomfortable anymore!
And I can't resist either....  The clinician in me comes out...  (er, how to say this so not too many guys blush...)  If those "manly" parts are comfy, they are also a lot happier being "manly" when those tights come off.  So fellas, when those silly guys in blue jeans laugh at you, just smile smugly and think where THEY would be sore if they rode like YOU do...  :-)  (And if they say anything, just tell 'em how much your wife appreciates... well... you get the picture...)

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