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[RC] men in tights-can't resist - Kathie Ford

Okay!  I just had to jump in on this one!  Yep, guys you look really good in those tights!  Yes sir eeee....I ride sometimes in the front and once in the back of the pack.  Now, I'll continue to ride the back for the view!  Wahoo! Thanks!  You "men in tights" are in pretty darn good shape too!  I respect (and admire from a distance) that! 
ps..I bought some nice riding pants for my husband and he was very comfortable in them.  But some cowboy friend of his at work that only rides in jeans (how uncomfortable) said they were sissy pants.  Well, he likes his sissy pants and still wears them and I'm glad cause he doesn't complain of being uncomfortable anymore!
Now that I've shared these funny posts with him, he's even more inclined to wear them!  Thanks guys! 
kathie (okay, I'll put my eyeballs back in now! lol)

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