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[RC] Ground Control vs. Equiflex - NEED HELP! - sharon1359


I've been searching for a non-metal shoe for my gelding, and have narrowed it 
down to either the Ground Control or the Equiflex.  Here are my pros and cons 
as I see them; I'd sure love feedback and opinions on these two types!

Support bar for frog, which I think makes great sense.  I also like the fact 
that it will act as a pad to protect the frog from bruising on rocks.

The farrier who will be putting them on for me (and teaching me how to do it 
myself) doesn't think she likes the idea of the support bar for the frog.  She 
thinks rocks will get stuck underneath, and/or the bar will put TOO MUCH 
pressure on the frog.

Cheaper by about $6 per pair.
No frog support (might be a pro or con depending on who you ask).

No frog support (might be a pro or con depending on who you ask).

They seem to be pretty similar as far as what kind of traction they give.  I 
did see that the EF offers screw-in studs... does anyone know if that is 
something that can be removed between rides?  If so, that would be a BIG 
benefit for me.  I can't keep Zephyr in the pasture he's in (with his buddies) 
if he has studs or metal shoes, but I would like to use the studs when I ride.  
I already talked to the GC folks and they said their studs aren't removeable 
between rides... you have to take the whole shoe off.

Does anyone know which would last for more miles?

Would one shoe be easier for me to learn how to "install?"  (Sorry, I have a 
computer background.)  Specifically, did I read correctly that the EF does not 
have predrilled nail holes, just a recessed groove in which YOU have to drill 
the holes??  If that's true, it seems like the GC would be a lot easier.

NOTE: I'm ONLY considering shoes that are entirely plastic/rubber/poly, with no 
metal core.  And no, Easy Boots aren't an option for me.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
-Sharon K. and Zephyr's Elegant Gift


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