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Re: [RC] Question for the men folk - Barbara McCrary

I stand corrected about cotton tights not being sweaty, for the simple
reason that here on the CA coast, we don't have the humidity that the east
and south are famous for.  So adjust your decision based on where you live
and the advice of those who REALLY know!


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From: "Jim Holland" <lanconn@xxxxxxx>
To: "Glenda R. Snodgrass" <grs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 7:57 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Question for the men folk

AND in the SE, where we have lots of trees, briars, bushes and brush,
cotton tears FAR to easy, my butt stays wet cuz I ride in full saddle
cover, and they don't provide enough support in the crotch.  After
trying every pair of tights known to humanity, what works best for me is
the Early Winters "Winter Trainers".


They are made of Lycra and Polypropylene....you will NEVER be sweaty
under them, even in the heat of summer...in fact, I have shed my boots,
gone swimming with Sunny, and they were dry 30 minutes later. Under
them, I wear compression shorts for better support, but the tights do
provide good support without them.  Since I run with my horse, the
compression shorts work well for me.

They are almost indestructible, have strong elastic at the ankles so
they don't ride up...a major problem for me with most tights.  The ONLY
down side is that the outside Lycra is initally "slick" like nylon. I
never do a ride in a "new" pair. The Lycra outside will quickly develop
a "fuzz", which is then no longer slick, however, I recommend a full
saddle cover....I like Jan's...also indestructible....have two...can't
wear 'em out. (Especially if you have knobby legs like me!)

Jim, Sun of Dimanche+, and Mahada Magic

"Glenda R. Snodgrass" wrote:

On Wed, 3 Sep 2003, Barbara McCrary wrote:

Agreed, jeans don't work very well.  And running tights are made of
Buy cotton/lycra riding tights.  They are not slippery, they are not
nor do they burn the skin (as nylon did mine).  After many rides in
my "jeans only" husband agreed to try cotton riding tights.  He's

Depends on your climate.  Cotton tights are perfectly miserable in the
humid SE.

My SO loves riding in Kerrits, which are cool, breatheable, not slippery
in the seat, soft & comfy, and have soft knee patches.  He also likes
regular English-style riding breeches from Stateline Tack, but he
Kerrits in hot weather.


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Re: [RC] Question for the men folk, Glenda R. Snodgrass
Re: [RC] Question for the men folk, Jim Holland