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[RC] E-collars and horses: caution - LStewart/KWeickhardt

Hi- I did not see the original post, but our experience with using a dog "zapper" collar on one of our horses is as follows:  We had an escape-artist.  She would seemingly "time" the electric pulses on the electric fence and then charge through.  We have a 3 level dog shock collar.  I researched what was available for horses, for comparison and to decide whether I really wanted to try this on a horse's neck.  The horse collar version had 12 levels. I decided to try the dog collar using the mildest setting AND having the collar on over a thin towel to reduce the level of shock.  I had thought about putting the collar on loosely, but decided that would be asking for trouble (envisioning hoof through it or some other hanging-up).  I timed the shock to when the mare slowly stuck her nose out to "test "the fence...she was pretty tricky. When the moment came, I used the lowest setting for just the briefest second.   She reared up, back and then over.  She got up fairly quickly, but just stood there looking undignified!  Then she meandered along near the fenceline.  ( I did check her and she seemed none-the-worse).  I waited around behind a tree for about 20 minutes.  Lo and behold if she didn't start acting like she was going to test the fence again.  With my zapper at ready, i gave her another mild jolt just as she put her nose to the fence.  This time she just backed up....way back, and she stayed completely away from the fence for the next hour, at least until I left.  I never did have any problems with her "escaping" again!!
updates coming soon!