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Re: [RC] Drugs and Suppliments - Heidi Smith

>With all this talk on drugs and the proper interpretation of the no-drug rule, I would like to ask a similar question?  As a new person to endurance with experience in other disciplines, when does a suppliment cross the line to a drug?  Previously mentioned item was yucca. What about:
To reiterate about yucca--it contains various salicylates--same stuff as aspirin.  So it really doesn't fall under the same general heading as the others you listed--which are things that could be considered to be nutrients, and simply fed in quantities beyond their nutritional value.  General thumb rule--withdraw products such as those you've listed at least 4 days prior to competition.
>I understand that herbs can and do have a pharmagological effect. When does supporting the body systems like the joint suppliments cross the line?
When the stuff is still being fed at race time or just prior to...  Again, best bet is to withdraw at least 4 days prior.