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Re: [RC] Drugs and Suppliments - Magnumsmom

Adelia wrote:
With all this talk on drugs and the proper 
interpretation of the no-drug rule, I would 
like to ask a similar question?  As a new 
person to endurance with experience in other 
disciplines, when does a suppliment cross the 
line to a drug?  Previously mentioned item 
was yucca. What about:

I haven't seen a specific online answer to this question
so I'll email my standard, find it in the archives

Condroitin and Glucosamine are building blocks for healthy
joint fluid and cartilege.  I like to call them "Vitamin G".
Feeding Condroitin and Glucosamine at any point in time will 
not cause an immediate performance enhancing affect, or an
*immediate* reduction in inflamation or pain.  They can, however,
provide protection against the wear and tear our horses 
experience during training and on the endurance trail.  You
can feed "extra", but all that does is waste your money.  
I beleive this is why these are on the AERC allowed substances 
list.  Again, feeding Condroitin and Glucosamine will not
provide a quick "fix" or quick reduction in inflamation or pain.

MSM *does* reduce inflamation and therefore it is not allowed
to be present in your horse during an AERC competition.  MSM is 
closely related to DMSO and if either are found in your horse 
during an AERC competition you will be disqualified and may face 

As for "etc.", well that's a bit hard to answer.  Basically
ANYTHING besides food and water that affects your horse's
performance level (positive or negative), reduces or masks
pain or inflamation (underlying injury) is against the AERC
Zero Drug policy.  Ed provided a great explination of this
in the other thread, whether some people wanted to hear it 
or not.  Doesn't matter if it "tests" or if you can "get away
with it", they are against the principle of AERC's Rule 13.

For the benefit of the horses and because they have long term
effects or protect our horses the AERC has decided to allow
vitamins, electrolytes, wormers (except those which can mask 
other substances), and joint supplements (Condroitin, Glucosamine,
and most likely *oral* Hyaluronic Acid).

*Anything* that reduces inflamation including topicals such as
DMSO and absorbine are not to be used while the horse is in
competition and cannot be present in the horse during competition,
but may be applied for your horse's comfort after completion.
(Note:  Be careful on Multiday rides! You don't want to apply
DMSO after the first day because it will be present the next.)

As for Regumate, I'm not going to comment on this one since I
do not own a mare.  I can see the arguments on both sides, but
it is on the allowed substances for regulating heat cycles
in mares.  There is a grey area of "Other substances to regulate
heat cycles" and I've heard the question about the use of
Testosterone in mares for the same.  In my opinion the use of
Testosterone is strictly against the AERC rules in any horse
for any reason.  To me that's pretty obvious.  I hope we don't
have to say anything more about that one, but perhaps it needs
to be added to the other side of the list.

Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM


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