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Re: [RC] Truck Ins and Over weight - Roger Rittenhouse

TADA  Truman  that is correct from what I have learned. The RIVA
certification is the key.

Trl mfgrs like Sundowner know this , thus they build them per a code and
they are certified a legal RV  EVEN though they pull horses. 
Therefore IF your trail has a commercially installed  LQ section along with
the plate and stickers on the side of the trailer - normally at the
entrance to the LQ that says RIVA... it is an RV, certified. 
You should be able to get the RV trailer tags and of course the RV
insurance which would be more expensive since they cover all that hi cost
RV section. The advantage of this is you get away from the 'commercial'

For all of US  ( metoo) that have DIY and older LQ sections with NO RIVA
plate - we are a horsetrailer and NOT an LQ. Therefore I may have a problem
getting mine tagged as an RV.

Also note my prev post about DOT and other gov agents who MAY and can issue
a ticket and fine for a DIY LQ conversion. Many campground will NOT allow
DIY rig to camp - libility issue.

Maybe this RIVA thing is one reason why the big mfrs of LQ HT are so

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On 8/30/2003 at 8:28 PM Truman Prevatt wrote:

When I got my Sundowner, and got the plates they had a reference books 
they went to and it is classified as an RV. I pay less for plates on 
that than I would on a small two horse bumper pull trailer.

The same for the insurance company - that model of Sundowner is listed 
as an RV. But there I think I end up paying more insurance because of it.

When I got it Dean Jackson told me that Sundowner has ther trailer 
certified by some association as an RV. There is a plate on it that 
seems to say that. I probably makes life easier.



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