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Re: [RC] Truck Ins and Over weight - Roger Rittenhouse

Correct you are Ed. I had to call Tenn DOT in Nashville to get some of this
figured out.

As well as calling RV camper trailer dealers and asking how they reg and
tag a LQ RV trailer -  It is an RV trailer with a  different tag here in TN
.  The HORSE trailers even with an LQ are considered livestock haulers
thus must be tagged with a 'semi'  tag  not really considered commercial
due to the actual use... but also NOT a RV  so  it is a gray area.
I am going to try to find out for Tn Dot how one goes about getting a LQ
horse trailer registered as a RV.

I also found out I was duped ?? about the MOTORHOME tag. I do NOT need a
'J" tag as I was lead to believe. 
I only need a 'regular' tag licence plate. That way I am not subject to
plated  weight limits. Only weight limits that apply are the truck and
trailer  loaded weights.

My  current big truck MH has a J tag with a combined weight limit of 26000,
this along with the 'semi' tag on the LQ  may cause a problem with some
highway patrol and DOT agents.
Of course I do hope to sell the motorhome soon??

I am going to try and get a RV trailer tag on the  LQ horsetrailer.

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On 8/30/2003 at 6:03 PM Sisu West Ranch wrote:

It is not only trailer dealers that are confused, license plate sellers
county court houses can be also.  It took them a half hour to decide what
kind of rig my LQ gooseneck was.  They finally decided it was a live
trailer.  Go figure.  My MT insurance carrier didn't seem to care as long
they knew how much I paid for it and thus their liability if I pranged

Ed and Wendy Hauser
Sisu West
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875

(406) 642-9640



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