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Re: [RC] How much flax seed to feed? - Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

My suggestion is to start horses out with about a half cup of flax seed
twice a day and gradually (over several weeks) work it up to about 2 cups or
so twice a day.  If you grind it ahead of time, it needs to be fed
semi-immediately (ie, that feeding) or stored in an airtight container in
the frig or freezer, or the fatty acids you want will oxidize very quickly.

Personally, I don't grind or otherwise process the seeds at all, and still
saw a good response in my animals, but to each his own.  Grinding certainly
improves availability of the oil content, but IMO it's not absolutely

I do like feeding the seeds mixed in some sort of wet or sticky mash, as the
seeds themselves are pretty light and easily aspirated.

As for ivermectin, yes, it might help in some cases, depending on what is
causing the itchiness.  Applying it locally isn't a dumb question---that is
effective for some of the subdermal little nasties, but those are
suspectible to the orally dosed ivermectin as well, so I just do it that

Susan G, DVM

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Subject: [RC] How much flax seed to feed?

How much flax seed should be fed to horses to help with itching?  I got
a bag hoping to find instructions on it, but there aren't any.  Also, I
saw that someone asked about Ivermectin- and I had the same question.
To help with itching horses can be wormed with ivermectin right?  Not
applied locally?  I know that there is a recipe for scratches that calls
for one of the wormers to be mixed with other ingredients and applied as
an ointment, so hopefully this isn't such a stupid question!

Katey Gies


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[RC] How much flax seed to feed?, Heart 4 Horses