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Re: [RC] using breast collars, etc. - Jim Holland

Heh, Heh! Now THERE'S a voice in the wilderness! Duh! Wear a breast
collar or crupper because you need them in a given situation. I always
wear a breast collar because I got "stuff" hanging on it...and if it's
tight, you ain't got it adjusted properly. 

It behooves everyone to spend some time "training" their horse to handle
situations like a loose saddle. I use an old saddle with the stirrups
off, clorox jugs with rocks in them, a large plastic bag of crushed
aluminum cans...and let them drag anything I can find, especially if it
makes noise! <grin> Can't do too much "sacking out".  It's also
important to teach "head down" with pressure from the reins....prevents
a lot of broken reins, spooks, and if your horse steps on his lead rope
of reins, he will stop!

IMHO, insufficient basic training is the major cause of wrecks and
injuries to the horse...AND the rider.

Jim, Sun of Dimanche+, and Mahada Magic (who just HATES those cans...but
has learned to deal with it!) 

Ed Kilpatrick wrote:

the original post on this talked about the wreck that happened when
the saddle slipped under the horse's belly.  i have seen some horses
really freak out when this happens.  my thinking is that you should
sack your horse out like that, in  the round pen or arena, enough that
they know not to panic and run crazy if it happens.   thats what i
do.  after training a horse for a guy who got the saddle on, but didnt
tighten it properly, causing the horse to run crazy in the round pen
for about an hour, bucking and fighting with the saddle under her
belly,  i learned quickly that you can teach a horse to tolerate such
things.  takes a little time and patience, but it sure is worth
it!   a friend of mine was riding one of my horses in a ctr, she didnt
check her girth to see if it was tight.  first turn on the trail, the
saddle slipped under the horse's belly, she fell off, and the horse
just stood there looking at her, like what the heck are you doing down
there?  ed

Richard T. "Jim" Holland
Three Creeks Farm
175 Hells Hollow Drive
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
(706) 258-2830
FAX (706) 632-1271



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[RC] using breast collars, etc., Ed Kilpatrick