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Re: [RC] [RC] mares? - Saatchi

"Laurie Durgin" <ladurgin@xxxxxxx> wrote:

 Good news----, I noticed not many endurance horses are mares and with me 
finally turning pasture ornament Honey into a riding horse---(yeah, she has 
a job now!!) I do notice not many mares listed on rides? Why is this? , 
anything I need to be careful of? Believe it or not I can't tell  a 
difference in her in her heat cycles.Only when we get a new horse around or 
when the ponies and babies came, did she ever act like a mare! Only saw her 
'wink' maybe 4 or 5 days in the last 4 years.   I have always been glad she 
didn't act marish. She does have that ," I'm not really with you look in her 
eyes" sometimes.

Being an owner of an absolutely terrific mare, I feel I have to do some 
defending at this point.  I have been reading the unforgiving stereotypes of 
mares that were posted today and am somewhat dissapointed in my ride camp 
community... :)  Stereotyping is not acceptable when speaking of people and it 
should be as unforgivable to stereotype horses by gender or breed.  As we all 
know, a horse's character and personality are as dependent on their 
experiences/training (good or bad) as it is on their breed or gender.  For 
example, for anyone who is or has been an owner of an Arab, you may have had to 
defend your horse's sanity from time to time when in discussion with people who 
own Quarter horses or other so-called "stable" or "cold-blooded" breeds.

I would be the first to admit that there are phsyiological similarities between 
all mares, but how they deal with these physiological similarities is what is 
key.  It would be like saying that all females 'pms' to the same degree and are 
incapacitated during this time.  My mare comes into a raging heat once a month 
like clockwork between April and October, but she directs her extra energy into 
working harder on the ride - it's absolutely amazing to observe!

Anyhow, we should all make a concerted effort to stay away from damaging 
stereotypes not only when discussing horses, but also in our day to day lives, 
because stereotyping is only a step away from prejudice.

I'll get off the pulpit now... :)


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