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[RC] Year round hay diet, what is missing? - Laurie Durgin

Ok. Say I cut the grain out (the 3 lb I give to keep weight up.) and use beet pulp and oil instead.------------
Then what are they missing? Grass is only an occasional treat (like around the yard and the bitefuls while trail riding.)
I kind of give the grain for vitamins, (has 25 mg. of biotin and vitamin A and some minerals and other vitamins, yeast et.Denhams Showtime, 11% protein.Crimped oats,first, corn ,etc.Under 8.00 a bag. I also give Shoglo vitamin supplement.
So if I only feed hay ,freechoice(round bale, usually bermuda, or bermuda/fescue, or fescue(depends on my farmers cuttings and crop that year)(Northern Alabama hay). And enough beet pulp/oil for weight control. What else would you reccomend?Assuming I continue to feed the multivitamin supplement?
Or should I stay with the grain, because they get some biotin and yeast, vitamins in it?
Also I am a "shoestring" one income family, horses our only luxury sort of thing.
Rascal does tend to be itchy I think. And we had the missing mane/tail problem. Which the MTG by Shapley seemed to solve as long as I put it on occasionally (especially in rainy or humid conditions).
What I am doing seems to have them thriving. But am I misssing something , because of the dry hay diet year round? Thanks, Rascal mom.

If there is good evidence for other supplements , great, but I hate to pour money into 'Super supplemented Road Apples'. :)

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