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[RC] Need Saddle Advice - Francis Golden

Hello, Ridecampers!
It's been a long long while since I've posted (years, even!) but I re-subbed about a month ago (lots of changes, I see??) and am looking forward to gleaning tons of information.  I was hoping to get your input on a saddle for a mare I have.  so here it goes:
She is an Egyptian Arabian with a wide back, well-sprung ribs and a short back.  We are in the midst of starting her under saddle.  I have her started in an Abetta Endurance, which I really don't like for riding her.  The cordura is stuff and very uncomfortable.  I also had a hornless Aussie saddle which is perfect for me with her --- but is too long for her short little back.  The tail end of it is sitting on her kidneys --- not good!  Actually, what I may do is go out sometime today and haul her in and take a digital of her with that Aussie and have you guys guide me from there.  Think that would work best?
But, nonetheless, what I am looking for is this:  something along the lines of the Aussie saddle that will fit this mare's back!  She can be very scooty and I like the "locked in" feeling I get my my Aussie saddle when I'm on her.  I also like the "English" feel to it, as I was brought up in huntseat saddles.  Can someone please help guide me to some sources where I can get a saddle for her?  Thanks!