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RE: [RC] Need Saddle Advice - Jerry & Susan Milam

I'll tell you, all those endurance saddles out there are great for most of these arabians but I do know the Wintec Aussie stock saddle is TOO long for the arabs back.
I've got a western seat endurance saddle "Desoto" custom made for one horse and has been used on two others for 5 years and they have developed muscle now and have problems witgh it in the winter when their coats are thick. I'll be sending it back for a tradein on a new one that will fit both of them. I also like the english seat and tried a friend's Arabian Saddle Co "Solstice". It is an awesome saddle and both horse and rider love it. They have HUGE kneerolls to give your leg a nice support in front and the seat is very cushy for those LONG 50 mile Training Rides.
There are tons of option out there for you and most of the custom saddlers will work with you and horse to get a great match.

In His Hands,

Susan, Fly Bye & Dandy

"All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you."
    -Gandalf the Grey from Lord of the Rings 

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Subject: [RC] Need Saddle Advice

Hello, Ridecampers!
It's been a long long while since I've posted (years, even!) but I re-subbed about a month ago (lots of changes, I see??) and am looking forward to gleaning tons of information.  I was hoping to get your input on a saddle for a mare I have.  so here it goes:
She is an Egyptian Arabian with a wide back, well-sprung ribs and a short back.  We are in the midst of starting her under saddle.  I have her started in an Abetta Endurance, which I really don't like for riding her.  The cordura is stuff and very uncomfortable.  I also had a hornless Aussie saddle which is perfect for me with her --- but is too long for her short little back.  The tail end of it is sitting on her kidneys --- not good!  Actually, what I may do is go out sometime today and haul her in and take a digital of her with that Aussie and have you guys guide me from there.  Think that would work best?
But, nonetheless, what I am looking for is this:  something along the lines of the Aussie saddle that will fit this mare's back!  She can be very scooty and I like the "locked in" feeling I get my my Aussie saddle when I'm on her.  I also like the "English" feel to it, as I was brought up in huntseat saddles.  Can someone please help guide me to some sources where I can get a saddle for her?  Thanks!

[RC] Need Saddle Advice, Francis Golden