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Re: [RC] Building a base - Jeannie Gillen

Same thing here......my boy has the body, but was a backyard ornament for so long, he hasn't a clue about so many things.....like balance, carrying his rider (safely) picking UP the pace, using his hindquarters to climb, NOT
shaking me off when he gets sweaty...really....when this guy shakes all four feet come off the ground, it is all I can do to stay on....There is hope.........I have "restarted" him and he is learning....he still looks at me like "why are we doing this,
hanging out was fine with me"...in fact he tries to go into every ranch we ride by, hoping there will be a little social gathering, including food and beverage, going on ...
Best example and poor clue.......he used to trip and stumble a lot.....I had several farriers shoe him several ways......I adjusted my tack (even sent my OF saddle out to have 3 inches cut off, thinking it was too long for his short back)
Tried special cues, clicks, stepovers, logs, jumping rails, anything to get him to pick up his feet......He did it all on cue and then out of nowhere, would drop to his nose.....until I "restarted" him and taught him to balance himself and me
under all circumstances....... hasn't tripped or stumbled in 3 months...
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Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 9:33 PM
Subject: [RC] Building a base

Hi all,

      There have been a lot of very good posts mostly on the physical aspects of preparing a horse for endurance but one needs to also consider the mental state of the horse as I am finding out:(  My new 9 year old Arab mare is physically ready to do a 50 but no way mentally.  So I am going to forget endurance for a while, sob, sob and start her on competitive trail rides and do more pleasure rides with groups for as long as it takes.

Judy Etheridge
Sunol, CA

[RC] Building a base, Misxfire