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Re: [RC] Truck for Trailer - Roger Rittenhouse

Susans comments with mine added..and few errors I had to fix

F450  26K GCW  17400 GVWR

I'm still a complete dummy about what the ratings mean.  Am I correct in
thinking that 26K means the total weight of truck, cargo, passengers AND
total weight of the trailer behind?  So does that mean the 17.4 K GVWR is
the max allowable weight of the trailer you can pull?

And, if 17K is the max trailer weight that can be pulled, does that mean on
nice, flat highways?  Or is it considerably less than that considering some
of the conditions we haul to?  I was wondering if it was worth selling a
kidney to get the 650 that won't even breathe hard to pull a big trailer up
a grade.
Actually the above data is wrong.
A F450 is rated at 26K pounds total combined weight of truck and trailer
fully loaded with all the junk and dogs on board. So weight it with
the max load you expect to haul.

Now the GVWR  or the total weight the truck can weight loaded with the
trailer on the ball. That is the total combined weight of both truck
axles. This limit is posted on the door plate.
For the F450 it is 14400 pnds

The above weight I posted was the max allowed trailer weight of 17400
HOWEVER the only 'real' weights that count are the GVW.. and the total

Of course you should not exceed the trailer GVWR posted on the plate
near the hitch. To find that actual weight - weight the trailer and
truck total.. look at the trailer axle weight-  mine is about 9200
then you have to weigh the truck with out the trailer. The tongue
weight is the difference between the truck hitched and un-hitched. Add
that weight to the trailer axle weight and you have the total trailer
loaded weight. I have not done this yet.
I know CA has very strange rules about what type of license you need
to pull a trailer. I 'think' IF the trailer is listed with a GVWR of
over 12500 you need a semi comm licence.. a car licence is not enough
and the truck trailer has to be registered different.

In TN I run a J tag or joint use - its a semi comm tag, The tag weight
rating MUST be higher then I haul. Since I go 21K  I have to have a 26K
tag on my truck to prevent a ticket. DOT does not care if I exceed the
20K - since its not a posted DOT rating, but they do care if I am NOT
tagged to pull that much.  I only need a standard licence to pull this
rig as long as I am not over 26k pnds..

Over 26k  creates a mess of issues with the commercial licence rules
for the  driver and the truck. Thus staying with a 'pickup truck' and
not a MDT or BT keeps me out of those problems.
The 'RV -motorhome' registration is quite variable from state to state.
In TN a RV is tagged with J tag and is the same as my pickup.

The ratings are based for 'normal' use what ever that is.
There may be issues with 13% grades up or down.. but all trucks
will have to deal with that, but normal grades.. the engines inthe
Ford and MDT are quite strong - the larger brakes will provide for
the extra stopping one may require. I make sure the trailer brakes will
lock up if needed. I use the latest controller for Tonsehika ??
Prodigy is the model  also the engine brakes are a must on diesels
going in the mountains.  The new auto 5 sp transmission on the Fords is
suppose to preclude the need for that based on a switch on the dash for
hauling.. reports indicate it works great.

I would consider a MDT truck Fl-60 IF I did NOT need 4x4, did NOT use
it for my day ride truck and my wife would drive it.. since she
will not drive a MDT - I tried but no go,  and since I do not like getting
stuck..I dont see me in a MDT highway hauler..
Roger                          mailto:roger@xxxxxxxxxxx

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