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Re: [RC] Truck for Trailer - Susan Garlinghouse

Roger has kindly answered some questions for me privately, but RC seems to
be on good behavior for the moment, so I'll ask publicly <g>...

Karen  Yes you are correct.. The mid duty comm trucks are just great
Fl-60 and the like BUT no 4x4. I really MUST have 4x4.

What's the concensus on needing a 4x4 in the West?  My current truck is a 2
WD and I've never had trouble with traction except in Colorado---either in
ice (can you say ice skating) or starting up a steep, gravelly hill.  Is 4
WD really worthwhile in a tow vehicle regardless of the area you're in?

F450  26K GCW  17400 GVWR

I'm still a complete dummy about what the ratings mean.  Am I correct in
thinking that 26K means the total weight of truck, cargo, passengers AND
total weight of the trailer behind?  So does that mean the 17.4 K GVWR is
the max allowable weight of the trailer you can pull?

And, if 17K is the max trailer weight that can be pulled, does that mean on
nice, flat highways?  Or is it considerably less than that considering some
of the conditions we haul to?  I was wondering if it was worth selling a
kidney to get the 650 that won't even breathe hard to pull a big trailer up
a grade.

While I do not care for a flat bed - there are a number of after market
companies who install great looking pickup truck beds on the F450, the

I saw one nice flatbed solution---there was alot of available room right
behind the cab, they put removable stake sides and used it to stack bales of
hay on the forward half.  I'd bet they could have put close to a ton in a
pinch and still not interfered with turning.

BTW, look at www.truckpaper.com for new and used MDTs, over a thousand
listed yesterday.  Good source for at least getting an idea of what's out

Susan G

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Re: [RC] Truck for Trailer, Roger Rittenhouse