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Re: [RC] Shadowfax - Zephyr Arabians

--- Susan Young Casey <glenn218@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What I DID notice was that in this film, Gandoff
(stunt double?) rode him bareback (except when he
out of the stables...saddle was hidden) and had a
white rope abound his neck.  I don't know if the
was supposed to blend in so we thought Gandoff had
NOTHING on the horse or not.

Gandalf is supposed to be riding Shadowfax with
nothing on at all.  Shadowfax is volunteering his
services to Gandalf. :)  I've read that Ian McKellen
did much of his own riding, and I'm willing to forgive
the rope & hidden saddle since Jackson is really
trying to stick to the books.

I made only a small idiot (HA! as if!!) in the
theater.  I kept begging the projector man to play
that part again!  Did you see you part when the Elf
was running along the off side of the horse the
was riding, grabbed the breast collar on the near
side, and swung up behind the Dwarf?  "PLAY THAT
AGAIN!!!"  Was that "real" or a computer graphic?

I think it was a bit of both.  Orlando Bloom, who
played Legolas, apparently broke some bones (ribs?)
during some of the horse-related stunts.

I was disappointed this time because the Ring
rode funky-looking monsters instead of horses.  

They're riding Worms (dragons).  The horses were
killed in the river outside of Rivendell.  That's the
last time in the books that the Nazgul are riding
horses.  But, boy, I *loved* the imagery of the
Nazguls on horseback in FOTR.  Incredible job bringing
my mental pictures to life. :)


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Re: [RC] Shadowfax, Susan Young Casey