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Re: [RC] Shadowfax - Becky Huffman

Shadowfax is a Meara, not a horse.  The Meara descend from Felarof, who
served Eorl the Young as wergild for killing his father, Leod by throwing
him when he tried to tame him.  Except for Shadowfax, who was friends with
Gandalf and consented to carry him, (and Pippin on one occasion)  Only the
Lord's of the Mark were allowed to ride the Meara.

Gandalf did not need or use tack on Shadowfax.

as an aside, none of the Elves used tack or harness on their animals,
including horses, since they were 'in tune' with nature.

"A smaller and lighter horse, but restive and fiery, was brought to Legolas.
Arod was his name. But Legolas asked them to take off the saddle and rein.
"I need them not', he said, and leaped lightly up, and to their wonder Arod
was tame and willing beneath him, moving here and there with but a spoken
word: such was the elvish way with all good beasts." <end snip>

(probably more than you wanted to know <G>)

Becky Huffman, Cleburne, Texas

"Of course you are.  And I'm coming with you." Sam Gamgee

----- Original Message -----
From: Susan Young Casey <glenn218@xxxxxxxxx>

--- Dolores Arste <darste3@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Any of you who have seen "Two Towers" more than once
notice who trained
Shadowfax? Most impressive!

I read the name but am not familiar with that stuff.
What I DID notice was that in this film, Gandoff
(stunt double?) rode him bareback (except when he tore
out of the stables...saddle was hidden) and had a
white rope abound his neck.  I don't know if the rope
was supposed to blend in so we thought Gandoff had
NOTHING on the horse or not.

Reminds me of Darolyn doing the 100 at LBJ in 1992.
So cool!

I made only a small idiot (HA! as if!!) in the
theater.  I kept begging the projector man to play
that part again!  Did you see you part when the Elf
was running along the off side of the horse the Dwarf
was riding, grabbed the breast collar on the near
side, and swung up behind the Dwarf?  "PLAY THAT PART
AGAIN!!!"  Was that "real" or a computer graphic?

I was disappointed this time because the Ring Wreaths
rode funky-looking monsters instead of horses.

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Re: [RC] Shadowfax, Susan Young Casey