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Re: [RC] stay cool - Vickie Smith

Perhaps, it's just an outbreak of "cabin fever" or something?  I love Howard's stories and have been on Ridecamp for a long time now...  I'm also guessing that those who worry about who is a "real endurance rider" and who isn't, are amongst those who would love to be regarded as real endurance riders.  I've met some of the top riders in our sport and am proud of the opportunity to talk to them in person.  They are busy riding and don't generally worry so much about who is a real endurance rider.
Was going to work with horses but it's only 9 degrees so I'm sitting here looking at a monitor instead of watching soaps...  Would really rather be RIDING!
Best wishes to all in 2003 season,
Vickie Smith
Addison, Vermont
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2003 1:27 PM
Subject: [RC] stay cool

I don't know why (in the higher sense) but Howard seems to bring out the
fanatic in some people. Tivers did the same thing.

It's really impossible to police this list - I'm asking, begging,
puuuhhlleeeeese, control your emotions on this. Howard can pull the
heartstrings, and he can push your buttons.

You guys really need to get a handle on your reactions - on your emotional

And Howard, you are really tweaking Ridecamp. Don't get all huffy,
you know exactly what I mean. You can make people cheer and laugh and gasp
... can you figure out how to keep them from taking sides and starting a
holy war?


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[RC] stay cool, Steph Teeter