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Re: [RC] Trace Mineral Block vs Horse Mineral Block - Susan Garlinghouse

Susan, When you refer to "loose salt" do you mean ordinary table salt???

Can be.  Or loose TM salt, or any other sodium chloride source that your
horse likes and will use.  However, if your horse is working alot and going
through tons of the table salt, then get the non-iodized.

you measure it out, and how much would you add at each feeding, or do you
just dump a container of it in a feeder?

Either way.  I like having it available free choice, but some horses also
benefit by having a small amount (an ounce or two) added to their mash.
Just make sure that by adding salt to the feed itself, they don't turn up
their nose at it---some horses are more likely to eat mash with added salt,
some won't.

If you do dump a container in a
feeder, what keeps it from getting hard from the moisture in the air??

Nothing.  But, so what?  It'll never get as hard as a salt block will,
breaks up easily by the horse and is not nutritionally affected in the
least---UNLESS your salt source also provides probiotics, has some sort of
grain or sugar component to it, etc.  Those can go bad and while the
minerals still aren't affected, the other stuff might lend a nasty taste the
horse might object to.  So, my suggestion is just to put out straight salt
or TM salt of some sort without "other stuff" in it and then you don't have
to worry about it.

Thank you for any info you can provide.

You're welcome. :-)

 BTW, are you now a VET???  If so,
congratulations to you!!!!

Thanks, but not quite yet.  May 16 of this year, not that I'm counting the
hours or anything. <vbg>

Susan G

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